In all the years I have been covering sports, 1965 I wrote my first story, I have never seen anything to match the repulsiveness of this Penn State sex abusive scandal.
I used to think Pete Rose gambling, NCAA buying gifts for athletes, baseball players doing steroids, was the worst examples of human behavior I would ever see in sports. Not anymore.
When I spoke to former Penn State player Keith Dorney the other day about Joe Paterno and the program, we had a conversation that was as baffling as it was sad. Dorney, now living in West County, working as a certified financial planner, will always credit Paterno for being the third most influential person in his life, after his mother and father. What’s happening at State College right now won’t change that.
But when I ended the conversation with, “You know, Keith, absolute power corrupts absolutely”, Dorney agreed.
Paterno and Penn State have lived in their own little bubble for so long – you might even say Joe Paterno was Penn State – that horrific transgressions might be dismissed with a wink and nod. Paterno has created a kingdom and for all the man’s good works, he has destroyed so much of his legacy.
And the most sad part of all this? It’s not Paterno booted in disgrace, although he is getting the Nittany Lions’ share of sympathy right now. The real sympathy should be directed at all the boys Sandusky abused, when so many of them could have been saved from the experience.

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