Watching Newman and Montgomery Friday night was as close to a perfect reason as I ever can give on why I watch sports. Montgomery supposedly was overmatched, didn’t have a chance and yet it came down to the game’s last play, Newman batting away a pass, for the Cardinals to clinch the victory.
Sports, at its best, is a surprise, which of course is why they keep score because it everything was predictable 2-5 Monty would have been clobbered 5-0-1 Newman.
As Jason Franci told me after the game, “This is why I coach, for games like this.”
And these are the games I love to write, although I would have preferred more than 35 minutes to do it.
In the game’s last seconds Montgomery’s backup quarterback threw to Montgomery’s starting quarterback who couldn’t throw but could catch the football.
That’s some nice theater.
Just before that Newman’s backup quarterback who has seen very few snaps from center this season threw a beauty, a 29-yarder, to Alex Roberts to Monty’s one-yard line. It was Roberts’ only catch of the game. It set up Steven Tomasin’s fourth and winning touchdown.
That’s seome nice theater, too.
“One of the two best Montgomery-Newman games I ever coached,” Franci said.
The other one was in 2004.

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