The 2011 GranFondo was a raging success, rider injuries notwithstanding. As this was being written Levi Leipheimer knew a couple of ambulances took injured riders off course to hospitals.
“For sure,” Leipheimer said after the ride, “somebody was hurt out there but I am hoping it’s nothing serious.”
Typically injury reports at the GranFondo are released a day or two days later. Rumors as if this writing indicate no serious injuries were sustained. Then again, those are rumors.
The course was affected Saturday with a light rain that made the King Ridge Road and the Hauser Bridge especially treacherous.
As with the two previous GranFondo rides, rider injuries produced the only downturn feeling, as the riders themselves receiving glowing revues.
Which is why I told Levi afterward, “If this keeps up, you’ll have to be named Santa Rosa Business Man of the Year again.”
Leipheimer received that honor in 2010.
I believe Levi blushed a bit when I said that.

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