Arthur Webb, 68, continued his journey through unchartered success when he completed his 13th Badwater last Wednesday. The 135-mile foot race, from Death Valley to Whitney Portal, is the most grueling race on the planet.
For the 12th time Webb buckled, meaning he ran the route under 48 hours, this time it was 47 hours, 30 minutes.
“It was the toughest Badwater I ever had to endure,” Webb said. “I developed a hernia a few miles into the race.”
Webb estimated that he had to push in his protruding intestines 50 times during the race, usually when he was running downhill.
“It was awful,” Webb said, “but I wasn’t going to quit.”
Webb said that if he was 40 instead of 68 “I’d win this face every year.”
Webb is the race director for the Santa Rosa Marathon which will be held in the city on August 29.

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